Samantha "Sam" Cache fought the war on terror as a white hat hacker out to prove she could succeed in the male dominated world of computer security, until her NSA superiors scapegoated her for failing to prevent the North Korean cyberattack on Sony Pictures. Forced to exit the National Security Apparatus, Sam is reduced to sniffing out penny ante computer scams as a freelance IT gumshoe, until former boss Corman Leery re-enters her life with an irresistible mystery – who hacked Mary Poppins

Mash Up - 3D.png

A modern spin on the hard-boiled detective novel, Mash-Up kicks off the Sam Cache series and introduces the world to a character that's equal parts Lisbeth Salander and Philip Marlowe. It's a twisted tale of transhuman cultists, Artificial Intelligence, and corrupt Hollywood hopefuls willing to do anything to bag a coveted Academy Award. Can Sam stay alive long enough to unravel the cybercrime of the century? The answer is in the Mash-Up.  



You can read about these lovable, hand-crafted bohemians in their first adventure, Long Beard Gone, available in ebook and paperback editions on Amazon [CLICK HERE to see for yourself]