We are surprised parents. 

To clarify, it’s not that we’re surprised by the birth of our daughter.  We’re up to speed on the mechanics of baby-making, and we had a solid action plan for achieving parenthood.  What surprises us sometimes is how much we enjoy it, how all the seemingly impossible cliches about what a life changing and amazing experience it is start coming true (Except for the first year.  Let’s all just admit that the first year pretty much blows).  

During those early years, one of our most profound pleasures was seeking out books to share with our girl, who seemed to take an immediate liking to the ritual of story time.  Selfishly the object of our searching was geared more toward finding books that entertained us as much as our daughter.  No slight on the classics but one cannot subsist on a diet of Sesame and Seuss alone.  Book series like Pete the Cat, Meno Elf of Space, and the weird world of Momoko kept us as engaged as our little budding human.  So my wife and I often fantasized about creating our own series of children’s books that catered to our slightly skewed sensibilities.  After much talk, and stalling, we decided to put our money where our collective mouths were.  The result is The Feltniks, and their first storybook adventure Long Beard Gone.  If anyone gets a fraction of the enjoyment reading it that we had making it, we will be thrilled.

Russell & Shannon