Meet the Feltniks


Phranklin Feltnik is a kind and thoughtful soul who always looks out for his friends.  He loves reading, writing, and playing the guitar.  Phranklin believes there is nothing so awful that it can’t be turned into something beautiful, which is why he recycles diligently, and writes poems based almost entirely on spam e-mails.


Pherris Feltnik is a wild, free spirit.  He loves dancing, making art, and reading underground comic books that no one else has heard of (until they become popular, and then he’s pretty much over it).  His earnest, trusting demeanor sometimes gets him into to trouble, but he knows he can count on his friends Phranklin and Phord to help him whenever he gets in over his head.


Phord Feltnik is a gifted chef who forages for his ingredients in large urban parking lots.  Though outwardly gruff and pretentious, deep down he has a heart of gold, and would do anything to help his friends.

Within reason.